Today’s Menu: Red Pepper Hummus with Bell Peppers


I’ve been looking into the health benefits of what I’m eating while I eat it lately.  I’ve been astounded at what I’ve learned!  I’ll share in a minute what I’ve learned about hummus (chickpeas, really).  First I have to share how great this hummus tastes!  I found it at Aldi last week.  It’s their Grandessa brand Red Pepper Hummus.  This will find its way into my shopping cart every time I’m there from now on!

Now for the wonders of the chickpeas, aka garbanzo beans, in hummus:

  1. full of protein
  2. high fiber content helps lower cholesterol and prevent colon problems including colon cancer
  3. studies show that people that regularly eat chickpeas feel more satisfied and eat less
  4. help control blood sugar and insulin secretion
  5. contain antioxidants including concentrated amounts of phytonutrients
  6. full of manganese

(much information found from

I’ll get into health benefits of bell peppers next time 🙂


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