I’m Trevaesa.  Belligerent Cupcake is my alter ego.  We live quite contently in the same body.  🙂                    

Did you know that I’m a (now rarely-practicing) cake artist?… who, in fact, hates decorating cupcakes?… Trust me, cupcakes make me unhappy.  Why decorate one gorgeous cake when you can do hundreds of tiny ones??  Because it’s ridiculous!!  … just so you’re aware.  😉

I’m a dog trainer by trade.  It’s what really brings home the bacon healthy food.  Just started my business, Your Family Dog,  in August of 2012 – that’s really exciting for me.  My husband and I have 3 dogs of our own that we adore and we occasionally foster for Luv A Dog Rescue.


So why am I blogging?  Well, I’ve been thinking for a while “why do we work so hard to get the best natural dog food for our dogs, when we don’t do the same for our own food?”  I stopped using chemical-filled face wash 2 years ago.  About a year and a half ago, I started using all natural soaps and tried going the “no poo” route with washing my hair.  I’ve been replacing cow’s milk with almond milk for about a year now.  Yet I eat fast food.  Boxed food.  Frozen food.  Why?  Well maybe because I’m lazy.  Maybe because I’m addicted.  Maybe because the whole food industry in the US tries to push these things on everyone.  Whatever the reason, my fault or not, it’s time for it to stop.

So I’ve started my journey to healthy eating to go along with the other healthy lifestyle choices I’ve made, and I’m learning so much!  It just feels appropriate to journal this process, and hopefully some of the things I learn will be of use to someone else.


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