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Great success!


I feel well on my way to succeeding at this whole vegan thing.  I have now successfully made rice and beans, and they both even taste good!


I’m not sure why rice and beans were the big things holding me back.  I guess I was concerned that I’d feel hungry all the time if I couldn’t make “filler” for my dishes.  A big part of it, too, is that my husband is between jobs right now and only working 12 hours per week. This severely limits the grocery budget.

Everything we buy right now is a “How many times will this item feed us and leave us satisfied?” debate.  Snack foods are out. Hearty whole grain cereals are in (though occasionally hubby sneaks something amazing like chocolate peanut butter puffs), along with lots of potatoes, canned tuna, pb&j… I had been taking frozen burritos to work for lunch for weeks months, just because they were so cheap.  I had lunch for a week for under $3.  So when it came time to eat healthier, I knew I had to stick to the same money-saving principles… which meant probably dried beans and rice as a portion of many meals.

Last year, we had purchased a Community Supported Agriculture share, which was bringing us a box fresh vegetables from April through December.   We had paid all at once and didnt have to spend another dime on produce for the rest of the year. Now that the CSA season is over, we’re left having to buy our produce from the grocery store, which is not exactly in our budget.  The good news is I can spend the $3 from my burritos on cabbage and mushrooms!  Haha

Back to my point… I can make beans and rice!  Last night I added some dried cilantro, cumin, salt, pepper, garlic, lime juice, and chilli powder along with a cup of mixed rice, beans, and rinsed and drained canned diced tomatoes for supper.  Not too shabby!  I also baked some potatoes and had a small potato with coconut oil and garlic salt.  Not my typical potato with cheese, butter, and bacon, but still pretty good!

This morning I had some dry oatmeal with a little honey and almond milk – ate it like cereal.  I had done this in the past with a bunch of sugar instead of honey.  I’ll admit I didn’t like the honey.  I think I still have some raw sugar in the pantry. If not, I may eat it unsweetened the next time.

The point is I’m making it work.  We’re hopeful that my husband will have a job soon (he has a couple of interviews coming up)! I’ll be able to get much more variety in my diet.  And as I go, I’m sure I’ll find more things at the grocery store that are healthy, inexpensive replacements for things we already purchase… replacements that we will both like!

Do you have some inexpensive yummy vegan ideas? Feel free to share them below!